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Welcome to AVT Solutions

Do you have any abandoned, unpaid, or uncollected vehicles, that have been standing for 4 months or longer…

We have a free legal SOLUTION for you!

What We Do

Abandoned Vehicle & Truck Solutions (PTY) Ltd offers various Motor Vehicle Dealerships and Workshops the opportunity to sell their claims with regards to outstanding invoices where the dealership has rendered services and invoiced for work already, quoted, finished, or assessed, in their workshops and where the owner of the vehicle:

Has simply failed to pay

Is uncontactable, uncooperative, or unwilling to settle

Has abandoned their respective vehicle

Passes onerous risk onto the dealership forcing them to store various unwanted vehicles (this occupies valuable rented workshop space)

Abandoned Solutions simply buys the outstanding claim by negotiating an acceptable price from the dealership and removes the vehicle with immediate effect, whilst taking ownership of the outstanding claim or invoice.

We then communicate with the respective Debtor in an attempt to have them (Debtor) settle the claim or outstanding invoice in full. The vehicle is stored and released once the debtor has settled in full.